Prefabricated Building Materials | Nigeria

Dalal Steel Industries (DSI)  is your one stop shop for all you steel building needs in Nigeria. DSI manufacturers of all Prefabricated Building Materials inhouse – such as insulated sandwich panels, corrugated sheets, architectural metal cladding, deck panels, solar specific panels, ridge ventilators, turbine ventilators, purlins, girts, louvers, rollup doors, personal doors, and steel profiles. Providing the full kit to the steel building delivering anywhere in Nigeria. DSI  has a team of Engineers that are able to provide customer support and assistance when selecting your prefabricated building materials to find the right specifications and dimensions that fit your needs.

DSI Prefabricated Building Materials are designed to for quick and easy application. From building envelops, cladding, insulation, accessories, profiles, doors, panels, louvers, ventilators, and more. DSI manufactures large scale prefabricated building materials in Nigeria to the required specs needed.

Dalal Steel Industries (DSI) has been present in Nigeria with its offices located in Ikeja, Lagos and in Port Harcourt and has established in a manufacturing facility in Agbara, Nigeria.

DSI is one of the largest and most product diverse steel companies in Nigeria. Manufacturing a wide range of prefabricated steel building materials. And delivering steel building products through its distribution network across Nigeria.

Throughout the years DSI has worked with some of the biggest clientele in the country. Working with its reputable customers to develop many projects using its prefabricated building materials across difference states in Nigeria. With extensive experience in the field,  DSI is your reliable Prefabricated Building Material supplier in and throughout Nigeria.